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B.PROTHERM E and the smart quality management software QMSpot make digital control of cooling chains and temperature data convenient, efficient and sustainable, saving you time and money.

Welcome to the future


Next-level food transport – like many other B.PRO products, B.PROTHERM E offers digital connectivity.

Integrated sensors permanently and comprehensively record relevant data, such as temperature or storage times.

Future-ready connectivity options for digitised processes help to overcome the daily challenges of maintaining and controlling food quality.

The time-consuming, often incomplete collection, checking and archiving of lists is now a thing of the past


The challenge:


The solution?


  • Compliance and control of legal regulations 
  • Fulfilment of IFS Food Standard and automatic updates in case of legal changes
  • Meticulous paper documentation of operational processes
  • Digitisation of the HACCP concept and QM manual
  • Avoidance of manipulation during documentation recording
  • Manipulation-proof and audit-compliant documentation and archiving
  • Task distribution and completion control 
  • Digital, precise and scheduled assignment to the relevant employees
  • Manual monitoring of temperatures and devices
  • Automated recording without time constraints


Three options

drei Wege
  • Data transfer with IoT sensor technology permanently transmits the recorded data to the system via LTE wireless communication. This offers the advantage that the data can be permanently retrieved in real time.



  • Data transfer via WLAN. When the units enter the WLAN area, all collected data is automatically transmitted to the system. 



  • Temperatures recorded with a Bluetooth-enabled core temperature sensor are automatically transmitted to the system and stored – with practically no manual effort required. 

One aim

qmspot laptop

QMSpot – the platform-independent organisational expert

The sophisticated software solution ensures lasting efficiency and effectiveness in all operational areas of a company. Processes are mapped digitally and recorded centrally. 


Digitally on the safe side

Professional coverage of the following legal requirements:

• Creation, compliance and control of a hygiene/HACCP concept.

• Complete documentation of all process and verification requirements.

• Management of employee training in hygiene, occupational safety, etc.

Exclusively for B.PRO customers

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Modular expansion possible for all requirements in daily operations


You can download the PDF here:

QM My QMSpot

Management of all relevant information like defects, location data, contacts, administrators, users, documents, task and defect management, etc.

CS Checklist system

Digital mapping of all operational processes, forms and concepts. Archiving of all completed checklists as a report.

ST Sensor technology:

Monitoring and automatic documentation of all sensor data and measuring points. Recording, monitoring and control of measured values. Temperatures, fill levels, CO2 values of refrigerators, cold stores, dishwashers, counters, etc.

AS Audit system

Processes are analysed, optimised and standardised. Transfer of open points and defects through intelligent linking directly as a task to the checklist system. Multifunctional tool for statistics, reports and evaluations.

DM Device monitoring

Pending maintenance and repairs are reported automatically. 

TA Training administration

Create and manage hygiene, health and safety and employee training.