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GN-Container Stainless steel

GN-Container Stainless


Stainless steel Gastronorm containers and lids

GN stainless steel

Rugged, sturdy and perfect for many years of continual use in everyday tough kitchen conditions: Stainless steel GN containers and lids from B.PRO. Made of chrome-nickel steel 18/10 and "Made in Germany" for outstanding processing and material quality. In sizes from GN 2/1 to GN 1/9 and depths from 20 mm to 200 mm.

B.PRO stainless steel GN container:

B.PRO stainless steel GN container
Basic model
GN container basic model
The classic in large kitchens and the catering industry.
  • Rugged and dimensionally stable
  • Extra stable thanks to the circumferential edge stamping
  • First-class finish with burr-free edges
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Temperature-resistant from –40 °C to +280 °C
  • Taste-free and odourless
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Easy cleaning and optimum hygiene thanks to the smooth surface and large corner and floor radii
With U-handles
GN containers with U-handles
A clever development from B.PRO.
  • Two containers can be carried at the same time without tipping either
  • Heavy containers are easy to carry
  • Filled containers are easy to hook in
  • Effortless food transfer
  • Safe removal of hot containers
  • Stackable, even when full
With perforation
Perforated GN containers
For the healthy way of cooking.

Depending on depth, with perforated base or perforated base and sides. Ideal:

  • For cooking in the combination steamer
  • For steaming vegetables
  • For cooking and straining food
  • Perforations ensure shorter cooking times and quick cooling
  • Side perforations from a depth of 65 mm for faster cooking, even in larger containers
GN Lids
Stainless steel Gastronorm lids
  • All sizes from 1/1 to 1/9
  • Also with handle cut-out for U-handles
  • Also with ladle cut-out
  • Especially sturdy due to additional stamping
Lid with ladle cut-out
Maximum use in many areas.
  • Rugged, sturdy lids for all GN containers and every application
  • Simple and secure lifting of the lid thanks to the handle with crossbar – without risk of burning or injury
  • All sizes also available with practical ladle cut-out
Lid with silicon seal
Masters every curve. Without spilling!

Is sealed - stays sealed! The innovative B.PRO
GN sealing lid is convincing down to the last detail:

  • In all sizes from GN 1/1 to GN 1/6
  • Temperature-resistant from –40 °C to +180 °C
  • Easier removal of the lids thanks to a ventilation hole (allows pressure compensation)
  • Non-slip effect of the seal on the top of the lid minimises the risk of accidents when stacking covered GN containers
  • Permanently sturdy connection between the seal and lid
Related items: The GDD top-mounted frame
GDD top-mounted frame

For the correct storage, drying, transport and dispensing of Gastronorm lids with form-fitting seal.

Through its special geometry, it fits perfectly on 10 x 6 serving trolley shelves with dimensions of 1000 x 600 mm. It can hold up to 30 Gastronorm lids GN 1/1 or a large variety of smaller lids.


Lid without handle
Flat lid for complete filling.
Perfect with Cook&Chill: This exceptionally flat lid without a handle allows for optimum content capacity of the GN containers.
Universal hinged lid
Open wide and the heat stays inside.
  • Heat loss can be prevented by alternately opening one half of the hinged lid at a time
  • Flow of the food servery is optimised

Everything in stock and available
right away!

  • A huge GN selection with more than 200 containers, lids, trays and cooking inserts
  • All GN products ready to ship from the warehouse
  • Immediate shipment of your order
  • Minimum order: just one item

Quality made in Germany

Quality made in Germany Over 50 years of experience in the manufacture of GN containers vouch for B.PRO's excellent quality and a long service life.

Super easy stacking

Super easy stacking Easy stacking and destacking thanks to the stacking collar and precise corner finishing.

More convenience with depths of
40 mm and up

More convenience with depths of 40 mm and up The circumferential stacking collar provides for more
comfort from a container depth of just 40 mm.

Get a good "handle"

Get a good
on your food with the universal U-handle from B.PRO

The GN containers with U-handle can easily be carried with one hand. Since the handles don't heat up, you don't have to worry about getting burned. Stackable? – You bet! Even when filled!

Innovative sealed lid

Innovative sealed lid The innovative sealing lid made of stainless steel with a silicone seal for slosh-proof transport of your food.

Extensive range of accessories

Extensive range of accessories B.PRO have the right GN accessories for any challenge.

A mark of quality

A mark of quality The size, depth, volume, standard and date of manufacture can be found on the back.