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Quick and easy: The B.PRO tender specifications.

Download specifications fast and easy. The clear sorting by product group will surely lead you to the desired document.

Products File Size Last Change
Additional components Directory 08.10.2021 09:59
B.PROTHERM stainless steel Directory 12.01.2022 08:28
B.PROTHERM synthetic Directory 23.01.2022 02:15
Banquet trolleys Directory 11.01.2022 08:20
BASIC LINE Directory 19.01.2022 07:20
Conveyors Directory 11.01.2022 14:43
COOK classic Directory 03.12.2021 16:36
COOK I-flex Directory 26.10.2021 14:26
Cooling stations, central cooling stations Directory 27.09.2021 13:40
Dispensers Directory 04.01.2022 10:07
Food serving trolleys Directory 02.12.2021 08:03
Gastronorm containers Directory 27.09.2021 13:41
Industrial sinks Directory 27.09.2021 13:41
MANHATTAN Directory 27.09.2021 13:41
Serving trolleys Directory 17.12.2021 10:54
SERVISTAR Directory 07.01.2022 07:22
Shelf trolleys Directory 17.12.2021 09:57
Transport trolleys Directory 18.11.2021 14:33
Tray clearing trolleys TAW Directory 03.11.2021 15:42
Tray transport trolleys TTW Directory 27.09.2021 13:42


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