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Convection-cooled conveyor

Convection-cooled conveyor


The convection-cooled food distribution conveyor

Refrigerated system for food distribution

A revolution in food distribution: Cold portioning without a refrigerated room in absolute accordance with the HACCP guidelines. The heart of the system is the new RSPV-UK convection-cooled food distribution conveyor.

Food can be portioned at normal room temperature with the convection-cooled system components from the B.PRO system in accordance with the HACCP-guidelines and without interrupting the refrigeration chain:

  • Lower investment and operating costs
  • Ergonomic work at a comfortable room temperature
  • Almost unlimited choice of rooms
  • Great flexibility when moving, renovating or restoring
Other products which ensure HACCP-compliant cold portioning belong to the "refrigerated system" for a continuous refrigeration chain:
RSPV-UK convection-cooled food distribution conveyor
RSPC-UK cooled conveyor

The heart of the system for portioning without a refrigerated room:
The food distribution conveyor with convection cooling.

Specifically directed, refrigerated air flows from the side slits and forms a shroud of air which keeps the food on the conveyor below +10 °C (HACCP-compliant).

The independent Institut Fresenius tested the RSPV-UK convection-cooled food distribution conveyor for hygiene and cooling performance.

We’ll be glad to send you the full report upon request.

  • Temperature adjustable down to the degree from +7 °C to +15 °C
  • Cooling and conveyor operation can be switched independently of one another
  • Temperature control with warning function, in the event the setpoint temperature is exceeded
  • Conveyor speed can be set continuously from 2.5 to 12 metres per minute
  • Conveyor length can be selected in 1 metre steps from 3 to 12 metres
  • Other lengths on request
  • Easily-removable side panelling for optimum cleaning of the conveyor
  • Optional with the data logger, which documents the temperatures while the conveyor is running


Cold portioning Cold portioning at a comfortable room temperature: This way, only the food is refrigerated, and not the employees. That boosts motivation and saves energy.


Convection cooling The cooled air shroud ensures HACCP-compliant temperatures for the food on the conveyor.


Independently switchable Conveyor operation and cooling can be switched independently of one another. The conveyor can also be used without cooling, for example for breakfast portioning. This saves additional energy.


Digital display Set and read the temperatures down to the degree from +7 °C to +15 °C thanks to a user-friendly LED display.


Micro-polished surface

Optimum hygiene and minimal cleaning effort thanks to a micro-polished surface made of CNS 18/10 stainless steel.