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Frontcooking system

The mobile and versatile cooking system.


COOK makes working easier!

Roasting, grilling, cooking, frying, keeping warm, desiring hot – the COOK table-top devices whet one's appetite for more:

  • The new generation of table top cooking appliances is presented in the current B.PRO product design. Good to know: They are compatible with the previous devices from COOK.
  • All cooking appliances of the new generation are energetically optimized and characterized by high reliability and quality "Made in Germany".
  • Economical: Thanks to an intelligent electronic control system, the required energy can be adapted to the capacity level
  • Made of hygienic stainless steel 18/10 with micro-polished surface
  • New: two intelligent induction hobs and a large, high-performance griddle.

The following devices are available:

Induction hobs and woks

Featuring induction generators of the latest generation – powerful, reliable, durable and extremely fast.

  • Smooth Ceran® surface (6mm thick)
  • With 3.5 kW (220-240 V) or 5.0 kW (400 V) power consumption
  • Microprocessor-controlled high-performance induction generator made by E.G.O.
  • Induction hobs with automatic pot detection from 120 mm dia.
  • Extremely short heat-up times, high efficiency
  • Air filter on unit base
  • Height-adjustable rotating feet
  • Mains connection cable (1.5 m)

BC IH 3500

Induction hob BC IH 3500 | Part No. 574 197
more information

BC IH 5000

Induction hob BC IH 5000 | Part No. 574 198
more information

BC IH 2Z 5000

Induction hob BC IH 2Z 5000 | Part No. 574 199
more information

BC SIH 5000

Surface induction hob BC SIH 5000 | Part No. 574 200
more information

BC IW 3500

Induction wok BC IW 3500 | Part No. 574 201
more information

BC IW 5000

Induction wok BC IW 5000 | Part No. 574 202
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Regardless of whether they are smooth or ribbed, small or large, the griddles impress with their ideal performance and perfect grilling results. The deep griddle is versatile for roasting and braising, as well as for rice dishes such as risotto and paella.

  • All-round seamlessly welded griddle surface with rounded corners for optimal cleaning and hygiene
  • Trough depth: griddles 30 mm, deep griddle 65 mm
  • Grilling surface made of tempered, corrosion-resistant chrome steel (Material No. 1.2316)
  • 15 mm-thick griddle for optimal temperature storage
  • Extremely powerful up to +250 °C
  • Drain opening incl. grease drain plug made of Teflon
  • Large, removable grease catch tray (griddles)
  • Safety drain with clamp screw (deep griddle)

BC GF 3500

Griddle BC GF 3500 | Part No. 574 203
more information

BC GF 4200

Griddle BC GF 4200 | Part No. 574 204
more information

BC GF 8400

Griddle BC GF 8400 | Part No. 574 205
more information

BC GR 3500

Griddle BC GR 3500 | Part No. 574 206
more information

BC GR 4200

Griddle BC GR 4200 | Part No. 574 207
more information

BC DG 4200

Deep griddle BC DG 4200 | Part No. 574 208
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more Table-top units

Cooking, grilling, stir-frying, deep-frying and keeping dishes hot.

  • Pasta cooker: A taste for pasta – right away! The pasta cooker offers space for up to 6 pasta baskets.
  • Deep fryer: The deep fryer has a swivelling heating element and an unheate cold zone on the bottom of the basin.
  • Ceran® hob: Featuring 2 cooking zones for versatile cooking, steaming, and roasting in pots and pans.
  • Bain-marie: Food can be kept hot or presented in GN containers in a seamlessly deepdrawn well which is thermally separated from the body.
  • Hot plate: This large heat-retaining area is also thermally separated from the body. The temperature can be precisely regulated using a rotary knob.
  • Multi-element: Essential items including cooking utensils and ingredients are always within easy reach. The practical compliance with GN dimensions allows quick loading. The multi-element matches the B.PRO COOK table‑top cooking units exactly.

BC PC 4800

Pasta cooker BC PC 4800 | Part No. 574 210
more information

BC DF 5000

Deep fryer BC DF 5000 | Part No. 574 211
more information

BC CH 4300

Ceran® hob BC CH 4300 | Part No. 574 209
more information

BC BM 700

Bain-marie BC BM 700 | Part No. 574 212
more information

BC HP 700

Hot plate BC HP 700 | Part No. 574 213
more information


Multi-element BC ME | Part No. 573 458
more information

square configurator icon on a white background 3D Configurator

Configure your COOK classic cooking station and the matching table-top devices online in our 3D Configurator.


Height-adjustable feet Always at the right height

The standard height-adjustable feet are easy to adjust. They enable you to put COOK in one line very easily, even on uneven surfaces.

Surface induction hob 62cm dimension Can be installed anywhere

Thanks to its small depth of just 62 cm, all COOK table-top units fit on every standard worktop.

Easy to clean Easy to clean

Micro-polished stainless-steel surfaces, large radii and seamlessly welded cooking and roasting zones facilitate cleaning – for meticulous hygiene and optimal, clean working.

Safe Handling Safe handling

Practical drain plug, easily accessible catch tray for grease and cooking residues, and large-dimensioned safety drain valves for liquids ensure safe working without the risk of injury.