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Food distribution

Food distribution

Portioning in cooled rooms

When portioning in cooled rooms, dispensers and conveyors without additional cooling technology are enough to ensure an HACCP-compliant work process.
In platform, basket and plate dispensers with cooling slits, the cooled dishes are ready for use. Pre-portioned food components like desserts or salads can be temporarily stored in the agile shelf trolley and wheeled directly from the refrigerated room to the conveyor.
Whether flat-belt or round-belt conveyor: you can select the desired conveyor speed from 2.5 to 12 metres per minute. And therefore precisely optimise it for your portioning process.

Portioning in a refrigerated room
Rugged equipment by B.PRO for classic cold portioning
For temporary storage, transport, preparation and portioning in cooled rooms, B.PRO offers a practical range of food distribution conveyors, rugged dispensers and mobile assistants like serving and shelf trolleys.
Ergonomic details support your employees during an efficient work process. First-class processing and high-quality stainless steel ensure a long operating life and optimal hygiene.