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Food distribution

Food distribution

Cook & Serve

When it comes to fresh food, it’s all about speed.

The perfectly coordinated team by B.PRO ensures smooth work processes and top food quality.

Keeping hot, cooling, portioning and transporting – in order to guarantee the quality and freshness of food with Cook & Serve, the required temperature must be maintained at every step of the distribution process. Speed is the decisive factor for food quality – in other words, a seamless transport and portioning process. Sensibly coordinated products and cutting-edge technology by B.PRO enable an optimal workflow.

Especially during food transport and food serving, the best insulating properties and excellent handling are required. With the B.PRO tray transport trolleys, portioned food can be brought safely and quickly to your guests. If you serve in a ladling system, the versatile food serving trolleys are on hand to offer reliable assistance during transport and serving.

Cook & Serve
Cooling station
For an extra helping of temperature safety.

The powerful alternative to the HACCP-compliant cooling of pre-portioned cold food, like desserts and salads, at room temperature. The KS-UKI RWR-VP 163 cooling stationwith integrated, active convection cooling, combined with the RWR-VP 163 KS shelf trolley.