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Quite simple: B.PRO serving trolleys as mobile and flexible solutions for cutlery dispensing and clearing.

Serving trolley with cutlery attachment

Serving trolley with cutlery attachment

Combined with SW 10 x 6, the new cutlery attachment offers ample space for cutlery, trays, dishes, napkins and condiments. It can be fitted at any time and easily removed afterwards. Firm screw connections guarantee maximum stability.

Mobile clearing station

Mobile clearing station

Perfect for self-service. Helping to clear away after meals is an important aspect of learning how to deal with resources in schools and nurseries. The clearing station offers a simple and organised solution for sorting trays, plates, cutlery and glass as well as residual waste and paper. Easily manoeuvrable castors guarantee a smooth journey back to the dishwashing area.

The mobile clearing station is also very useful for serving at a wide range of venues, also in beer gardens or at various events where it helps to combine work processes and saves time when things get hectic.

Worktop for mounting on the serving trolley

Worktop for mounting on the serving trolley

The star of the show is the new stainless-steel worktop. It fits perfectly on almost every existing B.PRO
8 x 5 serving trolley. No special fixtures are necessary and the worktop can be removed again at any time. It features two cut-outs for inserting two GN 1/3-65 for transporting chopped ingredients or for use as catch trays.

The perfect complement for a harmonious ambience.

The 12 panelling colours can be chosen to match the BASIC LINE food serving system and the B.PRO COOK front cooking station.

Serving trolley drip tray Drip tray for glasses and cups (for mobile clearing station)

The stainless-steel drip tray fits perfectly onto the top shelf and features two integrated support bars on the base. Simply place the glass rack on top, and liquids drip onto the drip tray below.

Serving trolley shelf Shelf for trays (for mobile clearing station)

The shelf for trays is easy and quick to attach. It can be mounted at standard height (approx. 850 mm) or at children's height (approx. 700 mm) by simply turning it.

Serving trolley GN hanging frame Hanging frame for GN container (for mobile clearing station)

Frame for hanging GN containers for cutlery or as collection containers on the side.

Serving trolley privacy shield Privacy shield (for mobile clearing station)

The privacy shield can also be used for customised labelling of the areas for residual waste, paper, glass and cutlery.

Serving trolley cutting board Synthetic or wood cutting board (for worktop)

The high-quality synthetic or wood cutting boards guarantee a firm grip and are perfectly designed for combination with the worktop and integrated GN containers. Practical: both have a juice groove that drains into the GN containers on the worktop.

sw_einhaengerahmen_rolle Hanging frame for GN containers incl. bracket for paper towel rolls (for worktop)

The hanging frame creates even more storage space. It is quick and easy to hook on and off and provides sufficient space for 3 GN 1/6. Everything at hand: the frame also features a bracket for a paper towel roll.

Serving trolley knife holder Knife holder for mounting on GN 1/6 (for worktop)

With the dishwasher-safe knife holder, knives can be stored in every deep GN 1/6. Since the knife holder does not cover the entire container, there's still enough space for tongs, spoons or other cooking utensils.

Serving trolley sneeze guard SW SG sneeze guard for serving trolley

With the optional sneeze guard, your 8 x 5 serving trolley is now also suitable for flexible, mobile serving. The sneeze guard is extra light and can be retrofitted to almost all SW 8 x 5 trolleys.

colours Colour is the root of life

With the 12 carefully selected colours by B.PRO, you can bring a breath of fresh air to everyday life and make the special things even more attractive.