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Automation in food distribution with B.PRO

Optimizing processes with smart automation solutions

Behind food distribution usually lies an extensive process that allows little room for deviation. When several hundred or thousand people are served daily, the process must function flawlessly. The food distribution conveyor is the heart of the food distribution process and is therefore complex and personnel-intensive. At the same time, the process at the distribution belt holds a lot of potential for optimization through the automation of individual work steps.

With automation at the food distribution conveyor you

  • reduce the workload of your personnel
  • simplify your processes
  • increase efficiency
  • operate more economically
  • avoid personnel bottlenecks

and meet hygiene standards even more effectively.

Automation on the food distribution conveyor

automation bpro

1. tray feeder (with 2 trolley garages).
The trays are taken from the dispenser trolleys on the side and placed on the conveyor belt. The 2 trolley garages allow the trays to be placed without interruption.

2. printer & patient card
The card (optoinal) printed directly on the conveyor is placed on the tray. A printed QR code is verified at this station. The subsequent modules work with the information from the code so that the required components can be placed on the tray.

3. placing porcelain
Plates, bowls, dishes, etc. can be placed without interruption. To ensure this, there is a platform dispenser trolley with the same type of plate in each of the two garages. The module picks up the plates by vacuum from the plate cart and places them on the tray.

4. placing cutlery 
The packed cutlery sets are provided by a (stage) dispenser cart in the garage. A camera-supported process identifies a single cutlery bag and the gantry robot places it on the tray fully automatically.

5. placing of packaged food
The machine can place up to 10 different components on the tray within the given time and predefined position. The recognition of different components is enabled by means of camera system. The feeding of the components can be done manually from outside, without stopping the system. This ensures that the robot can work without interruption.

6. placing of fresh food
Fresh food products such as slices of sausage and cheese are placed according to patinten request.

7. visualization on the conveyor
On a screen the employee receives all necessary information of the next tray, by picture and text indicated. This information is read and processed in advance by a QR code reader attached to the screen.

8. tray depalletizer
The trays loaded on a food distribution conveyor are taken over by the system and placed in a TTW. The TTW is fed manually, transported automatically and picked up again manually after loading.

Automation of work steps on the food distribution belt

Tray destacking automated

The complete food automation system comprises several modules combined in an overall system. These modules are custom-compiled during planning. The position in the system workflow and the performance parameters for each individual module are defined precisely according to requirements during this process. 


Integrative solution concepts from our subsidiary BRIMATO

Automation as a driving force for your company

BRIMATO Catering Automation Technology is a B.PRO subsidiary and specialist in commercial, washing and portioning kitchens.  

Brimato uses automation technology to replace frequent hand movements and strenuous work. This increases efficiency and cost-effectiveness, meets high hygiene standards and reduces physical work for staff.  

Clients include hospitals, airline caterers, large canteens, dining halls, event caterers and food processing companies. 


Further information can be found on the homepage of BRIMATO.

Examples of BRIMATO automation solutions:

Cutlery management

Cutlery packaging system

Cutlery sorting unit, cutlery packaging unit or combined cutlery sorting and packaging units for the catering industry, hospital catering and rental companies to ensure maximum hygiene standards until cutlery reaches the diner.

  • Time savings
  • Reduction in human resource costs
  • Hygiene performance



Automation in washing kitchens

Plate destacker automation

BRIMATO provides all modules for interruption-free process chains with automation before and after cleaning systems. BRIMATO offers mature automation products for transport processes in catering facilities and commercial kitchens with modules for vertical and horizontal conveyance, circular belt conveyance, trolley lifting mechanisms and lift and rotating towers.

  • Time savings
  • Reduction in human resource costs
  • Hygiene performance
  • Strain on the body

Customised design for automation

Automation solution customised design

Customised design for automation solutions which are not available in a standardised version.BRIMATO offers mature solutions for automation and  transport processes in catering systems and commercial kitchens:  with serial modules and products for automation, for vertical and horizontal conveyances and circular belt conveyance, with trolley lifting mechanisms and lift and rotating towers.


Further information


Our specialists for automation will be happy to support you with your project.

Simon Böckenholt System consultant

Simon Böckenholt

T:  +49 5424 2319 11
M: +49 151 51011177
E: boeckenholt@brimato.de