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Integrative solution concepts from our subsidiary BRIMATO

Automation as a driving force for your company

BRIMATO Catering Automation Technology is a B.PRO subsidiary and specialist in commercial, washing and portioning kitchens.  

Brimato uses automation technology to replace frequent hand movements and strenuous work. This increases efficiency and cost-effectiveness, meets high hygiene standards and reduces physical work for staff.  

Clients include hospitals, airline caterers, large canteens, dining halls, event caterers and food processing companies. 


Further information can be found on the homepage of BRIMATO.

Examples of BRIMATO automation solutions:

Cutlery management

Cutlery packaging system

Cutlery sorting unit, cutlery packaging unit or combined cutlery sorting and packaging units for the catering industry, hospital catering and rental companies to ensure maximum hygiene standards until cutlery reaches the diner.

  • Time savings
  • Reduction in human resource costs
  • Hygiene performance



Automation in washing kitchens

Plate destacker automation

BRIMATO provides all modules for interruption-free process chains with automation before and after cleaning systems. BRIMATO offers mature automation products for transport processes in catering facilities and commercial kitchens with modules for vertical and horizontal conveyance, circular belt conveyance, trolley lifting mechanisms and lift and rotating towers.

  • Time savings
  • Reduction in human resource costs
  • Hygiene performance
  • Strain on the body

Automation for food portioning

Tray destacking automated

The complete BRIMATO food automation system comprises several modules combined in an overall system. These modules are custom-compiled during planning. The position in the system workflow and the performance parameters for each individual module are defined precisely according to requirements during this process. 



Customised design for automation

Automation solution customised design

Customised design for automation solutions which are not available in a standardised version.BRIMATO offers mature solutions for automation and  transport processes in catering systems and commercial kitchens:  with serial modules and products for automation, for vertical and horizontal conveyances and circular belt conveyance, with trolley lifting mechanisms and lift and rotating towers.


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