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B.PRO dispensers

Trays, plates, soup bowls – with B.PRO dispensers you’re always on the right track.

Plate dispenser Plate Dispenser

Heatable, convection heatable (also for heat-retaining lower section with wax core), unheated or with cooling slits.

Tellerspender Kids Thumbnail Plate dispensers Kids

The new low height Kids plate dispensers.

Bühnenspender Platform Dispenser

Heatable (convection), unheated or with cooling slits.

Basket dispenser Basket Dispenser

Heatable (convection), unheated, with cooling slits or convection cooling.

Tray dispenser Tray Dispenser

Open or closed model.

Universal dispenser Universal Dispenser

Heatable (convection), unheated or with cooling slits.

Installable dispensers Installable Dispenser

Installable: Basket dispensers, plate dispensers, universal dispensers.