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Tray transport trolleys

Tray transport trolleys

The new tray transport trolley from B.PRO

Strong support for your team.

Quality that gets people looking: The seamless deep-drawn support ledges help you quickly load and unload the trays. The four extra-long push handles offer an ergonomic handle height for everyone in your team - for easier pushing, pulling, manoeuvring regardless of a person's size and even with the doors opened. The high-quality design ensures excellent hygiene with minimal cleaning effort - saving you valuable time.

Tray transport trolleys
Confident appearance with an outstanding design:
Durable, high-quality and perfectly shaped.
  • Single-walled or double-walled and insulated
  • for Euronorm, Gastronorm or compact trays
  • Neutral or for passive cooling with eutectic plates
  • Distance of 115 mm between ledges or 105 mm as an option
  • With 1 to 3 compartments
  • Capacity for 16, 20, 24, 30, 32 or 40 trays
B.PRO tray transport trolley also with passive cooling
Tray transport trolley with passive cooling
The cooling is directly in the doors

At B.PRO the cooling system is located directly in the doors - simply slide the cooling elements (eutectic plates) into the holders on the inside of the doors and you're done!

Including on 3-door models


All doors can be opened independently of each other. For removing the trays easily and maintaining the most constant temperatures possible in the interior.

High-quality materials

High-quality stainless steel

Manufactured of high-quality stainless steel (material 1.403). The micro-polished surface is extremely resistant to soiling and germs.

Deep-drawn support ledges

Deep-drawn support ledges

One-piece deep-drawn ledge walls with integrated tip safety - without dirty joints and without sharp corners and edges.

All-round bumper rail

All-round bumper rail

Protection with the extra-wide all-round bumper rail for trolleys, furniture and hands when pushing.

Push handles on all sides

Four ergonomic push handles

Four ergonomic push handles make transport easier.