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Compact and efficient

The mobile cooking station COOK I-flex


The COOK I-flex excels thanks to its efficient induction technology that offers a wide range of application options with different cooking inserts. The permanently installed induction surface with up to three hobs offers six cooking zones in its largest variant – all of which can be switched individually. When combined with the cooking equipment especially developed for the I-flex, it provides plenty of scope for a variety of dishes that can be prepared directly in front of the guests from early morning to late at night. The COOK I-flex's compact dimensions and integrated extractor system, which has already proven its worth in the COOK classic, allow you to place the unit wherever you wish in your space. Specially designed for frequent changes of location, the mobile to-go version is particularly suitable for catering and out-of-house assignments.

COOK I-flex stations

The following models are available for selection:

BC I-flex 1

with one induction hob




BC I-flex 2

with two induction hobs



BC I-flex 3

with three induction hobs


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One station, four designs

From the built-in variant to the exceptionally mobile to-go version, everything is possible with the I-flex.

I-flex 1 basic equipment I-flex built-in I-flex to go I-flex 1 Schuko

BC I-flex basic equipment

The basic version of the BC I-flex includes the integrated extraction bridge, standard castors and a permanently built-in induction hob. It can be extended to incorporate different options and a wide selection of accessories.

BC I-flex built-in

Specially designed for shopfitting, the BC I-flex built-in fulfils requirements for tailor-made solutions. It can be precisely integrated into interior design concepts or permanently installed in a counter system.

BC I-flex to go

Especially suitable for catering and out-of-house assignments. The BC I-flex to go’s equipment includes a bumper rail, a push handle and large, sturdy stainless-steel castors. This makes it a reliable companion no matter where you need to cook.

BC I-flex 1

Whatever the electric current, the BC I-flex 1 with a Schuko plug can be connected to commercially available Schuko socket outlets. This model is equipped with an induction hob which can be positioned on the left or right. The additional neutral area can be used for storing or arranging.


square configurator icon on a white background

3D Configurator

Use our configurator and create your own personalised COOK I-flex.


Features at a glance:

  • Extraction bridge with optimum visibility
  • Optional highly effective filter system (ION TEC)
  • Electronic control with filter change indicator
  • Storage space with guide rails in the underframe – to store cooking inserts, for example
  • 4 steering castors, 2 of which have brakes
  • The fronts and sides can feature different colours.

Many design options to match your concept and taste

Powder-coated or Resopal – always coordinated

You can optionally fit your COOK I-flex with coloured panelling made of powder-coated thin sheet in a choice of 12 B.PRO colours. The fronts and sides can be chosen in different colours. Alternatively, you can also fit the front with Resopal laminated sheet material in a "Colours" or "Woods" finish in many other colours.
The panelling is easy to mount and can be changed at any time – to suit your rooms, colour scheme or motto.

Drawer unit for storage and cooling with eutectic plates

Drawer unit

Make the COOK I-flex complete with the optional drawer unit. This consists of two drawers placed one above the other with the inside dimensions GN 1/1-150 for practical, hygienic storage of food. The drawers can be passively cooled separately from each other with one eutectic plate each.

Clear air, with ION TEC if desired

The multi-stage model for a pleasant atmosphere:
(explained with the B.PRO COOK classic example)

Fresh air thanks to ION TEC filtering
  1. Vacuum and a three-sided air stream guide the fumes into the extraction bridge.
  2. The grease filter in the extraction bridge separates and filters out grease.
  3. Fleece and grease filters absorb moisture and aerosols.
  4. Odour particles and blue smoke can be reduced with the optional ION TEC filter system.
  5. Charcoal filter pads absorb odour molecules.
  6. The cleaned air exits downward.

The ION TEC filter system filters blue smoke and increases the service life of activated charcoal.

How it works:

The ION TEC filter system
  1. Large particles such as grease are removed in the pre-filtering stages.
  2. The particles which flow through the ioniser are charged positively by an electrostatic field. Highly reactive ozone is also generated from oxygen.
  3. In the collector stage, the positively charged particles, especially aerosols, are attracted to the negatively charged plates and are thus separated out.
  4. In the oxidation process, ozone eliminates odours and blue smoke.
  5. Particles attached to the activated charcoal  which still need to be removed react with the residual ozone. This cleans the activated charcoal and significantly increases its service life.
  6. Oxygen, carbon dioxide and water are released into the environment as end products.


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