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GN-Container Stainless steel



Gastronorm trays with B.PRO quality

GN trays

Stainless steel Gastronorm trays with a smooth rim are perfect for the presentation of food at buffets or serving stations. B.PRO Gastronorm trays are characterised by their exceptional stability. They are available in strengthened or specially annealed models.

Stainless-steel GN trays
Stainless-steel GN trays
GN trays (BZG) enable appetising and attractive presentation of food and feature an extra-smooth edge for even better hygiene.

Specially annealed GN trays (BZG-G) are characterised by their exceptional stability and temperature resistance, which also makes them the perfect choice for the combination steamer.
Granite-enamelled GN trays
Granite-enamelled GN trays (GN-E)
Gastronorm trays with B.PRO quality
with a black surface (GN-E)
ensure that all the food is nicely crisp and crusty when roasting and baking:

  • Excellent heat transmission
  • Special surface for browning from above and below
  • Extremely smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Ideal for the combination steamer
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