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The food service industry has always worked by the same rules
Now, everything has changed

The time has come to rethink the food service industry and introduce solutions to revive its existence. Now, we have the opportunity to develop new concepts and redesign existing ones to make them attractive and simultaneously safe despite restrictions.

It’s all about keeping the spirit of the food service industry alive  –  the hospitable atmosphere,  dining together with others,  eating as an experience  –  and ensuring maximum safety for diners and staff alike.

As a  partner to the food service industry, these issues have strongly shaped our  business in recent months. We have designed practical solutions for customers to maximise hygiene and  maintain close proximity to diners despite social distancing rules in order to enable and preserve these moments of such precious communication.

Experience with freshness guarantee

Preparing food freshly in front of diners provides reassurance and enables individual customer requests to be met

i-flex-sneeze guard

The mobile cooking station enables the customised implementation of new food serving concepts whilst  enhancing existing provisions. With the B.PRO COOK I-flex, dishes are cooked directly in front of diners with an intelligent solution that allows you maximum flexibility. Use the B.PRO COOK I-flex as a bridge to diners, ensuring a safe and positive experience for everyone. 


Extended to include the  hygiene protection set, the mobile cooking station meets current hygiene standards whilst enabling you to maintain personal  contact   with diners. Customer loyalty comes from proximity and communication.


Product overview "B.PRO COOK" (4,89 MB)

From self-service to service

Sneeze and hygiene protection sets for BASIC LINE

basic_line_sneeze guard

Self-service is a popular food serving concept for hotel and canteen buffets. Here, however, shared cutlery means that the risk of virus transmission between  diners is extremely high. 

With the  sneeze and hygiene protection sets for retrofitting on BASIC LINE modules,  existing buffet solutions can be transformed in an instant to enable one-sided food serving by service personnel, thus ensuring optimal protection for diners and staff alike.

Four versions for all requirements (see PDF)

  • ALL retrofit sets are easy to mount using the existing screw-on points.
  • The retrofit sets are also simple to remove again if required.
  • Sneeze guard made of high-quality toughened safety glass.
  • Backward compatibility – can be used for all BASIC LINE modules in the sizes 3x 1/1 and 4x 1/1 from year of manufacture 2006 onwards.
  • Also suitable for modules with module connectors.
  • No factory assembly. The retrofit sets are supplied as accessories and are simply screwed to existing or new modules on site.

Ill. example:  version 2: hygiene protection on customer side with additional personal protection above bridge attachment and pass-through option for plates

Sneeze guard BASIC LINE & COOK I-flex (0,23 MB)

For flexibility on the go – when food comes to diner

Retrofittable sneeze guard for SAG and SAW

sag-sneeze guard

Mobile food serving solutions are often used in places in which people with limited mobility are cared for. Especially in retirement homes and hospitals, mobile solutions offer a certain degree of independence by enabling guests to choose their own food and portion size. Here, it is particularly important to implement stringent hygiene standards in order to protect these risk groups.

The retrofittable sneeze guard for SAG and SAW enables one-sided food serving by trained staff, whilst simultaneously preserving the diner’s freedom to choose their food and portion size.


  • Uncompromising hygiene
  • For B.PRO food serving trolleys
  • Toughened safety glass
  • Extends to top surface on customer side*
  • Easy to assemble in just a few steps
  • Available for food serving trolleys with 2, 3 and 4 wells

*Also available with side panes and/or
a pass-through of 275 mm on the customer side upon request. 

Serving trolleys – maximum flexibility for new tasks

The classic in the food service industry

Serving trolley as a work station

Current restrictions call for new solutions in many areas of the food service industry. Social distancing and individual work stations in the kitchen, hygiene solutions  for  entrances and public areas demand maximum flexibility from food service providers. Serving trolleys have long been established in the food service industry and offer an attractive solution for flexible use in the face of new challenges.

Whether as a mobile work station in the kitchen, a clearing station, a hygiene station in the entrance area or as a cleaning assistant once diners have left,  the serving trolley can be enhanced with intelligent add-ons for a wide range of uses, thus helping to simplify and optimise workflows in countless situations.


The safe way to transport food

Food transport containers that work


In order to ensure that pathogens don’t stand a chance, various factors  play a crucial role in safe food transport.  The three most important are:


  • Efficient insulation and protection against external influences.
  • Compliance with HACCP-prescribed temperatures.
  • Clean, hygienic transport containers.

Simply safe: B.PROTHERM K food transport containers – ingeniously insulated, dishwasher-safe and optionally supplied with exact temperature regulation.


Brochure "B.PROTHERM K" (1,51 MB)

Correctly positioned dispenser

Disinfectant dispenser with holder for SW, SAG and SAW

disinfectant dispenser

They are seen everywhere – at the entrance to shops, hotels, restaurants and  beer gardens, wherever there is an increased risk of infection. Hand disinfection is now omnipresent and plays a crucial role in  protecting against  viruses and pathogens.

Especially in the food service industry, protection against contagion is of utmost importance. But where should disinfectant dispensers be positioned? 


The VD 20 and TV 25 soap/disinfectant dispensers help you to comply with current hygiene regulations  –  and are now  also available with a holder for serving trolleys or food serving trolleys. The dispensers are simply hung to the push handle and are ready for action  – no assembly required. 

Contactless control – simply safe

Hand-washing basins and hand-washing and utility sink combinations


Ensuring hygiene through hand-washing is essential in order to prevent the spread of viruses and pathogens. In kitchens, cleanliness is of crucial importance to ensure food quality and protect diners. Hand-washing basins and hand-washing and utility sink combinations with contactless control meet the highest hygiene requirements.


Ill. example: hand-washing basin with micro-polished surface. Available in 6 different models and sizes. Depending on model, equipped with bracket or basin panelling, selectively controlled mixer tap or knee pedal operation.


“Industrial sinks” brochure (6,15 MB)

Safe protection against viruses and bacteria

Disinfectant dispenser for individual use



The VD 20 soap/disinfectant dispenser helps you to comply with current hygiene regulations and enables simple assembly on the wall or suitable furniture.


  • Incl. removable catch tray
  • Synthetic housing
  • Suitable for all standardised 1-litre bottles. (Bottle not included in scope of delivery)
  • Exterior dimensions: 350 x 220 x 100 mm

Now  available with a special holder for SAG, SAW or B.PRO serving trolleys.


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