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The ultimate. Enjoy maximum versatility and supreme food presentation.

 B.PRO BASIC LINE Design S-4 pearl white pacific

Design is more than just the appetising presentation of food. Do you require a high-grade serving system which leaves nothing to be desired?

Let your ideas flow with BASIC LINE Design. The combination of colours and materials produces completely different designs to match your ideas and diners' needs, perfectly tailored to your ambiance.

The new Highline sneeze guard is featured as standard. It not only looks fantastic, but can also be used as a shelf. It goes without saying that BASIC LINE Design also features all other options for even greater comfort.

BASIC LINE Design offers a high-grade design, material and appearance in every respect.

B.PRO BASIC LINE Design W-3 hot buffet rustic oak

Example: BASIC LINE W-3, hot buffet, Design equipment variant

Standard equipment Design equipment variant:

  • Mobile hot buffet with body in traffic grey B (RAL 7043)
  • Stainless steel top surface with three individual wet- or dry-heated
    bain-maries for GN 1/1, 230 V connection
  • 4 twin steering castors, 2 of which have brakes
  • Front panelling on customer side, faced with Rustic Oak Resopal laminated sheet material
  • Customer-side tray slide, faced with Rustic Oak Resopal laminated sheet material
  • Highline bridge attachment in stainless steel with customer-side sneeze guard made of toughened safety glass


Find an overview of available Resopal-decors in the following document:

Overview "Resopal decors" (0,57 MB)
square configurator icon on a white background

3D Configurator

Please use our configurator system and create your own personal BASIC LINE module.

B.PRO BASIC LINE Highline bridge attachment Elegant and resilient - the Highline bridge attachment

The new Highline bridge attachment is a real eye-catcher. Attached on one or both sides, these glass  ledges act as a sneeze guard and make an excellent additional shelf. Each glass shelf can hold up to 10 kg. They also bring a further advantage: the greater pass-through height enables GN containers beneath to be replaced even more easily and foods viewed more clearly.

LANCO BASIC LINE Design front panelling Resopal Resopal front panelling

For greater variety in colour and material combinations: the front panelling consisting of a wooden panel, faced with Resopal laminated sheet material, available in about 200 different "Colors" or "Woods" Resopal decors.

B.PRO BASIC LINE Design tray slide Resopal Resopal tray slide

The fold-down tray slides are made of plywood and faced with Resopal laminated sheet material. Metal rails for trays prevent wear. The corners are neatly rounded off on the customer side.

B.PRO BASIC LINE Design shelf short side Optional: shelf, short side

Fold-down shelves can also be attached at the same height as the tray or plate slide to provide even more storage options.

 BASIC LINE with fixed feet or castors Mobile or fixed in place

BASIC LINE modules include castors in the standard equipment version. They can also be fitted with adjustable feet and surrounding skirting panels if you are planning to install modules permanently.

 B.PRO BASIC LINE door opener Push-Open Optional: operator-side panelling with hinged doors

A gentle press on the doors is enough to open them. The doors conceal plenty of storage space, which can be used with or without a base bottom.

 B.PRO BASIC LINE base bottom Optional: base bottom

The storage space beneath the module becomes a mobile compartment thanks to the fitted base bottom.

B.PRO BASIC LINE switch panel cover Optional: switch panel cover, fold-down

This cover not only looks good when the module is installed along a wall or as a free-flow solution, but also prevents switches from being turned on accidentally or with intent.

B.PRO BASIC LINE:  radiant heaters and lighting Optional: radiant heaters and lighting

Energy-efficient ceramic infrared heaters focus their heat on foods while the bridge attachment
remains cool. State-of-the-art LED technology provides uniform lighting, placing foods under
a warm or cold light as required. Both options can be configured separately.

B.PRO BASIC LINE tray slide round tube EMOTION tray slide in stainless steel, round tube

Time-tested: the fold-down stainless steel round tube tray slides are sturdy and practical. Shelves in the same design can also be attached at the same height on the short sides.

B.PRO BASIC LINE: connection for modules Optional: Visually flawless - Module connection for modules in a line

Quite simple: the new module connectors can be effortlessly fastened to the modules at any time, also as a retrofit. The profile panel to cover the gap between modules is coated in the same colour as the body. This means both mobile modules and those on adjustable feet can be interconnected.

B.PRO BASIC LINE: Tray slide round tube EMOTION Perfectly flexible: Shelves and tray and plate slides

Ready-made holes allow the fold-down tray and plate slides to be screwed into position on both the customer and operator side. This ensures perfect flexibility for layouts and the option of a retrofit. All modules feature lower drill holes for lower tray slides and shelves to cater for children.

B.PRO BASIC LINE: ventilation slits in the bridge attachment Perfectly integrated: ventilation slits in the bridge attachment

A new profile element has been used in all modules. The ventilation slits are used to extract heat from the radiant heaters in hot buffets. All modules are fitted to offer a uniform appearance, no matter whether they feature a standard or Highline bridge attachment.

B.PRO BASIC LINE: free selection corner angles Greater design scope for lengths and angles: variable modules

Plain buffets and roll-in and servery counters can be ordered in variable lengths. Corner module angles can be freely selected. This provides greater scope for planning layouts using more than just right angles. You will find customised solutions for your requirements or your particular space.