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Professional air purification with the ION TEC AIR 80

Professional indoor air purification provides effective protection against viruses, especially in times of the Coronavirus pandemic.

air purifier grey

Clean, purified air for food preparation has been one of B.PRO's core areas of expertise since 2013. Undesirable, unpleasant steam can quickly occur during cooking.

To prevent this from happening, a highly effective filter system is built into B.PRO COOK cooking stations, which has already proven its worth many times over during use. Different filter types are contained in the innovative ION TEC filter system. This multi-stage filter system impresses in all respects. The result :  clean, pure air.

Certified safety in every breath

The time-tested filter technology lies at the core of the ION TEC AIR 80 indoor air purifier. The unique filter system in the ION TEC AIR 80 filters indoor air, inactivating any coronaviruses and bacteria it may contain.

The Institute of Air Handling and Refrigeration (ILK Dresden) has tested the ION TEC AIR 80 to verify that it filters or inactivates coronaviruses. The air purifier achieved the maximum rate of up to 99.7% for filtration efficiency.

The ION TEC AIR 80 also cleans ambient air of hazardous fine dusts, fungal spores, germs, and pollens, which cause discomfort, particularly for allergy sufferers. Smoke particles, nicotine and other odours are also stopped in their tracks.

Powerful effect in stylish design


The aerosol load is reduced to an absolute minimum owing to permanent air purification with the ION TEC AIR 80. This means the risk of infection is virtually ruled out.

With air renewed at a recommended rate of five times an hour, the ION TEC AIR 80 is suitable for a room 80 m2 in size.* Larger spaces can be easily equipped with several ION TEC AIR 80 indoor air purifiers.

The compact , stylish design in white or anthracite easily blends into any interior.

*Room height of 2.50 m

How the ION TEC AIR 80 works

ION TEC principle

The contaminated air is channelled upwards through the air purifier from its base.

  • The pre-filter (1) protects the subsequent filter stages from large particles and ensures uniform air distribution in the system.
  • In the ioniser (3), the aerosol particles being filtered are charged  electrostatically and separated in the collector's (4) electric field.
  • The UV-C lamps (2) irradiate the collector surfaces thoroughly, inactivating the filtered viruses, germs and bacteria. The electrostatic filter cell (3+4) produces ozone as a by-product, which also destroys viruses, germs, bacteria and odour molecules.
  • Once particle filtration is complete, the afterfilter (5) ensures uniform air distribution with
  • the EC fan (6) carrying the air through the system. As a last filter stage, the air passes through a charcoal filter (7), which destroys the ozone and also absorbs odours.

Low operating and maintenance costs

Air purifier in white

The operating costs won't leave you gasping for air – you can relax and breathe with relief. Unlike with other professional indoor air purifiers, the costs for operating and maintaining the ION TEC AIR 80 are very low thanks to the advanced technology.

The ION TEC electrostatic filter can be very easily cleaned in a commercially available dishwasher and does not need to be replaced like a HEPA filter. The use of UV-C light in the ION TEC filter section also inactivates the viruses, germs and bacteria that have already been filtered.

Using ION TEC technology also extends the charcoal filter's service life, meaning the charcoal filter rarely needs to be replaced.

The ION TEC AIR 80 is designed for foolproof, intuitive operation. A touch panel is used to adjust the output capacity, timer function, the daily and weekly program settings and other items. Servicing management is also controlled on the touch panel using a traffic light system.

Your benefits when you use the ION TEC AIR 80

Indoor air filter controller
  • Powerful, reliable, technically perfected indoor air filter
  • Optimal protection against viruses, bacteria, germs, mould spores, pollen, smoke, nicotine and fine dust
  • 99.7 % filtration efficiency for coronaviruses
  • Automatic disinfection of the ION TEC by permanent UV-C irradiation
  • ION TEC guarantees constant filtration efficiency
  • Very lower maintenance costs thanks to ION TEC technology
  • No cost-intensive HEPA filter
  • Only charcoal filter and UV-C lamps are replaced
  • Charcoal filter eliminates odours, ozone and VOCs
  • ION TEC technology extends the charcoal filter's service life
  • ION TEC filter cleaned in a commercially available dishwasher
  • Intuitive operation with timer and child safety lock
  • A mobile system flexible in its use
  • Servicing traffic signal system for active servicing management
  • Plug & play – no installation required
  • Stylish design available in white and anthracite
  • Low noise 20 to 50 dB(A)
  • Low power consumption 60 to 275 W
  • Made in Germany

The ION TEC AIR 80 provides safety and clean air in many sectors

  • Canteens
  • Food service industry
  • Kitchens
  • Schools
  • Nurseries
  • Medical practices
  • Law practices
  • Counselling rooms and surgeries
  • Waiting areas
  • Break rooms
  • Gyms and fitness centres
  • Retail stores
  • Laboratories
  • Hospitals
  • Living quarters
  • Event spaces
  • Conference rooms