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Gastronorm blog series: Practical tips for the kitchen

Following a couple of simple rules will make sure your GN containers remain in tip-top shape for many years to come. Instalment 4 of our blog series reveals what matters when it comes to handling and care.

Gastronorm blog series: Benefits and use

What is it about Gastronorm containers that makes them such a universal aid in professional kitchens? And what can they be used for? Instalment 3 of our blog series has all the answers.

Eggs for breakfast – the hard facts

A true classic for breakfast – albeit usually only hard-boiled. But eggs can do so much more! Also delicious fried, poached or scrambled, they are a golden ingredient when it comes to front cooking.

Efficient catering for happy diners

An overview of different systems, processes and products in professional food serving

A tantalising triumph

Top chef Lechner and B.PRO at the Bocuse d'Or Germany

Interview Chefkoch Vincent + B.PRO

"It's all about the dishes – I myself am actually really boring."

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